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"Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?" At some point, everyone asks themselves these questions. Actually, the Bible gives you the answer. Simply, you are here for God's purposes. According to the Bible no one is born by accident. God has a definite plan for everyone's life.

"What is God's plan for my life?" you ask. For most of us, the answer is seldom revealed instantly, but discovered as we journey through life. But in order to know God's plan, we must first know God. God reveals Himself in many ways, but He gives us the Bible to make sure what we are hearing is His voice and not the chatter of the world. Our greatest source of knowing God's will is the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

God knows everything about you and wants to have a relationship with you. But you also have an enemy, and he hates you. Your enemy is the devil, and he has a plan for your life, too. The devil looks for your weaknesses and tempts you. He lures you away from God and entices you with short-lived pleasure designed to destroy your life.

Besides the devil, we also have a nature of sin. Sin is more than an action or a thought. Sin is part of our nature. We naturally desire to do things that are wrong. The nature of sin is even seen in an innocent child. You never have to teach a baby to be selfish or a toddler to lie or take things that don't belong to him. It's within their nature to do what is wrong. Today, you might find yourself far from God because of the power of the devil and weakness of your own human nature.

How can we know God when such powerful forces are against us? God never meant for us to be overcome by such evil. That's why God came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to earth to save us from sin and the devil.


There has never been anyone like Jesus. He was 100% God and 100% man. Jesus was supernaturally conceived of a virgin named Mary. Although Jesus was wholly God, He grew up and walked on this earth wholly human. He became cold at night, hungry at lunch and tired after working a long day. Like the rest of us, He slept, ate and put His shirt on one sleeve at a time. But unlike any of us, Jesus lived without a nature of sin.

Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life. Although He was tempted by the devil, He overcame evil through the power of God. As a result, Jesus performed phenomenal miracles. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, cleansed the leper, walked on water and stilled storms with a simple spoken word. He taught people how to know God. Jesus explained to His followers, that only through Him would they come to know God's plan for their lives.

Jesus was absolutely perfect, and everyone else who was ever born was absolutely flawed. Only He could give His life to save us from our nature of sin and the power of the devil. The devil tried to destroy Jesus by using our sinful nature to crucify Him on the cross. It was the nature of us all to crucify Jesus Christ. Together, we put Him to death. However, Jesus Christ was flawless, and died for us that we might have fellowship with God. It was through the shed blood of Christ that we become sinless before God, our Father.

How can we become sinless? Jesus Christ overcame death itself when He rose from the dead. As a result of His death and resurrection, we can exchange our sin for His righteousness and have fellowship with a Holy God. In God's presence, we can hear His voice, be led by His Spirit and be assured of His help throughout life. He promises to never leave us or forsake us.

So what must we do to be assured of a relationship with God? We must turn away from our sin and invite Jesus Christ into our lives. Only through Him will we have the power to overcome attitudes, actions and addictions that destroy us. Only through Him will we stand perfect before God. And when we die, we won't be found guilty and deserving of hell, but we will be found guiltless and honored with heaven.


God wants to be actively involved in your life everyday. How can this happen? When Jesus left the earth, He promised to never leave us. He said He would give us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God's presence inside of you. He will teach you God's truth, guide you when you donít know it, warn you against evil and comfort you when you are discouraged. Seek the fullness of God's Holy Spirit, and then be willing to do three things.

First, read the Bible everyday. Its words are supernaturally powerful. It will give you faith and wisdom. Like a good meal, the Bible will nourish your spirit and give you strength to overcome the pressures of the world. It will help you to know truth from error and equip you for every good work.

Secondly, keep the company of other Christians. Find a healthy church that teaches God's Word and advocates a personal relationship with Christ. Don't be fooled in thinking you can walk with God without church and other people. God puts people in your path to encourage you, keep you accountable and confirm His will for your life. Being a Christian without people is like being a banker without money. God gives you people as true riches.

Finally, learn to pray everyday and everywhere. Simply defined, prayer is talking with God. Talk with Him in the car, at school, as you shop and while you work. As you learn to pray, God will be your closest friend. Jesus prayed often. The Bible testifies that God will answer the prayers of the righteous and be actively involved with all of their endeavors.


God bless you as you learn to walk with Him.

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