About My Dolls

My dolls are 5 inches high (1:12 scale) and are sculpt directly in porcelain so each is truly a one of a kind creation. They are known for their incredibly realistic faces and poses. Their beautiful faces are china painted using a unique painting technique that I have developed. As for their costumes, I use only the finest fabrics and laces that are most often vintage or antique. I pay special attention in keeping the costumes historically accurate and true to scale, right down to the undergarments and shoes. I also make all my own accessories, including the vanities and chairs.

I accept custom orders but know that I will not duplicate any previously made doll. I will however, make something that is similar in era and/or fashion.

Please feel free to contact me at cgates@socal.rr.com if you are interested in placing an order or if you have any questions or comments about my work.










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Updated Jan 30, 2017